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1st October 2023    Budapest

44th Congress of EFCS

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1st October 2023    Budapest

44th Congress of EFCS

The Federation of European Cytological Societies will hold its 44th Congress in Budapest from 1-4 October 2023. The Congress will be of a wide-ranging consultation and discussion and an active scientific meeting

  • Date: 1-4 October 2023

    Venue: Budapest Marriot Hotel

    Apaczai Csere Janos u. 4. Budapest, Hungary 1052

    The diagnosis by aspiration is as reliable as the combined intelligence of the clinician and pathologist makes it.” (Stewart 1933). The use of the combined intelligence would lead us to the melting point where different ideas dissolve in an equilibrium. The main purpose of the congress is to find this equilibrium.

    Melting point sessions (MP) will to be organized as plenary sessions which will discuss the main hot topics of today’s cytology with the involvement of the congress delegates i.e., with active participation of the working part of European cytologists.

    Each MP session will have two Chairs and three Experts who will initiate introductory talks raising burning, sensitive problems. One of the Experts will be a young cytopathologist, while another one will be an experienced pathologist without any whatsoever involvement in cytopathology! The Chairs will conduct the hopefully open and mutually gently aggressive discussions and the floor will be open for all delegates to contribute to the topic.

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