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Funding and Bursaries

The BAC exists to promote the discipline of Cytopathology and, as a non-profit making organisation, any surplus money goes back into the Association to serve you as a member.

There are two options.

  • Bursary scheme for continuing education - Funding is available to support registration fees and /or travel expenses for BAC members of over one year's standing with the society.

  • Mina Desai Bursaries - The BAC will award a bursary for a European conference, up to £500 per year and one for an international meeting up to £1000 every three years

The Mina Desai Bursaries are targeted at early career participants.

Applicants will need to have been a BAC member for at least one year and must submit a post-event article, for publication in the the Scan section of Cytopathology or on the BAC website, of approx. 1000 words.

Funding is entirely at the discretion of the BAC Executive.


Mina Desai

Bursary Form

In your application, you will need to outline in around 400-500 words, why you are applying for the Mina Desai Bursary. It is important to outline your current career profile as the award is aimed at those early in their cytopathology career.