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Digital Diagnostic Cytopathology Interpretive EQA

Precipoint are pleased to announce a new Digital Diagnostic Cytopathology Interpretive EQA Scheme


This has been re-designed to promote quality, excellence, and education for all involved in screening and reporting of Diagnostic Cytopathology.

Open to medical and non-medical staff; as well as trainees, advanced practitioners, and other staff associated with Cytopathology; our new scheme provides superior, outstanding, and representative cytological examples to enable individual feedback, promote education and enhance professionalism within Cytology.

  • Feedback enhances professional practice and continuing professional development.
  • Digitised images of stained Diagnostic Cytology slides (Papanicolaou and Romanowsky) from serous fluids, respiratory, head and neck and urine cases
  • Categorise images using a benign or malignant diagnosis (option to provide a specific diagnosis)
  • Easy access to the system and images
  • 2 circulations per year
  • Scheme available to the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide

Details of registration For more information on this scheme, participants can sign up by registering at by November 2023 or for more information by contacting us at

Tissue Pathways for Diagnostic Cytopathology (2019) ’Participation of all laboratories and reporting staff in relevant technical EQA and interpretive EQA schemes in Cytopathology is necessary, as and when schemes are developed’.