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Membership of BAC provides a wide range of benefits to those in the field of Cytopathology or related areas.

Member Benefits

Why join BAC?

Membership is open to anyone in the field of Cytopathology or related areas, interested in assisting the BAC in achieving its aims and willing to adhere to the rules of the Association.

Members receive the acclaimed scientific journal Cytopathology, the official publication of the BAC. The Journal reflects the interest of cytopathologists and cytotechnologists, containing original articles and critical reviews on all aspects of gynaecological and non-gynaecological cytology including, fine needle aspiration and screening strategy.

The journal also incorporates the SCAN section which contains educational articles, information on national and international developments in cytology and is a less formal means of communication between the membership and the Association.

There are plenty of additional benefits, with more on the way:

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    Annual scientific meeting

    Invitation to the annual scientific meeting

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    Reduced fees for BAC events

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    Funding & Bursaries

    Access to funding and bursaries to attend national and international conferences

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    Ask the Expert

    Send your query directly to an expert in your field

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    Cytopathology, the official publication of the BAC

    Members have access to the journal Cytopathology

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    European Federation of Cytology Societies (EFCS)

    BAC are members of this - EFCS

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Benefits to members

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Please note the following information prior to making an application: Membership is open to anyone in the field of cytopathology or related areas, subscription is determined by type of employment

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Consultant & Advanced Practitioner subscription is £125.
Trainee pathologist & Biomedical Scientist subscription is £30.
The Cytoscreener subscription is also £30.