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What’s in January’s Cytopathology?

Volume 34, Issue 1

The New Year brings you January’s Cytopathology and we are delighted that the SCAN section in this issue is an overview of the BAC Code of Practice (CoP) from our President, Mrs Alison Cropper.

The article highlights the updated layout and guidance within the CoP, reflecting the recent major changes to cervical screening, most significantly, the move to primary HPV testing.

To keep you up to date with the forefront of diagnostic cytology, several of the original articles in this next issue focus on emerging technologies. The Editor’s choice for January is the paper by Eccher et al which examines the extent to which publications on validation of whole slide imaging (WSI) for diagnostic use in cytology comply with the College of American Pathologists validation guideline (for histopathology). They recommend that future validation studies should better adhere to the guideline to ensure that there is robust evidence to support WSI in diagnostic cytology. January’s original articles also include papers on cell block-based RNA next generation sequencing, utilising WhatsApp in off-site rapid cytology evaluation of EBUS-TBNA samples, and construction of an artificial neural network for thyroid cytology.

In their interesting and informative article, authors from Johns Hopkins University and Weill Cornell Medicine describe the clinico-radiological and cytopathological characteristics, and differential diagnoses of the rare “non-GIST” mesenchymal neoplasms encountered in their centres in the last 20 years. And as usual, intriguing case reports and Enigma Portal cases are presented to widen our cytology knowledge.

The online issue is now available at Cytopathology: Vol 34, No 1 (

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