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Cytopathology journal announce winners

Mina Desai Awards 2023 winners announced

The Mina Desai Award for Research Excellence recognizes authors of an outstanding paper, while the Mina Desai Early Career Investigator Award recognizes the contribution of authors who are in a training or early career position, or who are within 5 years of appointment to a senior position. Professor Mina Desai is a former Editor of Cytopathology and has made an outstanding contribution to the field of cytology.

Mina Desai Award for Research Excellence
The Cytopathology Editorial Board selects one article of particularly outstanding quality, which has been published in the journal during the preceding year. Selection criteria are based on scientific quality, advancement of the field, scholarly reception, and excellence in content, structure, and insights.

Congratulations to the 2022 recipients, Matthew Hanks, Stephen Ryder, and Abed Zaitoun, for their paper, The role of cytology in the investigation and management of pancreatobiliary lesions with a transition towards a standardised reporting system: An institutional perspective.

Mina Desai Early Career Investigator Award
The Early Career Investigator Award is given to an author who has contributed extensively to a paper but who is still in a training/early career position or has been in a senior position for less than 5 years. We ask that submitting authors indicate if a co-author is eligible for the award at submission. The awardee is selected by the Cytopathology Editorial Board based on papers published in the preceding year.

Congratulations to the 2022 recipient, Alexander Plonkowski, lead author of Polarising rhomboid crystalline structures in drain fluid following endoluminal vacuum sponge therapy for post-surgical pelvic collection.