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Message to the Ukrainian cytopathologists

Communication from the European Federation of Cytology Societies (EFCS)

It is hard to find the words for the terror you and your people are facing in this horrible war. Destruction, suffer, split families, refugees... We are witnessing heroic and brave fight of Ukraine against devastating aggression, and we are sure that you will defend your beautiful country.

Dear Ukrainian friends and colleagues, we are thinking of you. As doctors and humanitarians, we are sure that you are giving yourselves for your citizens and help them to survive and heal. EFCS supports you in all ways possible.

Board of directors have decided to accept Ukrainian association of cytopathology as an affiliated EFCS member and offer free membership for this year. We will grant two young cytopathologists from your Association with the scholarship for the next EFCS Tutorial hoping that atrocities will diminish, and this can be realized.

You can count on our permanent support in the future.

Full PDF letter downloadable from this page