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Young EFCS survey about mentorship and sponsorship

The idea of this project was born during the EFCS work on the  Young EFCS melting
point session in European Congress of Cytology in Budapest.

The core group of this project is made up of the Budapest speakers:
Despina Argyropoulou - Portugal, Istvan Kovacs - Hungary, Pawel Gajdzis
- Poland, Christina Kabjorn-Gustafsson - Sweden, Eva Wojcik - USA.

The core component of our project is a comprehensive survey designed to
explore and analyse knowledge about mentorship and sponsorship in
cytopathology among residents, young cytopathologists and experienced

Your valuable input will play an essential role in
shaping the outcomes of this survey and will contribute to the
advancement of knowledge in cytopathology training.

Preliminary results will be published during the European Congress of
Cytology and we also invite you to take part in the discussion of the
Young EFCS Melting Point Session on the conflict of the generations!