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European Federation of Cytology Societies (EFCS)

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The EFCS launch a new website and send a message to cytology colleagues across Europe

During the 2020 pandemic period the members of the EFCS council board as well as those of the Adriacongrex team have worked a lot; as a direct result, today, we have a new EFCS website! Please have a look at it.

You will discover a new section called Young EFCS. This section is devoted to our young colleagues: residents and junior pathologists. In this same section you will find our first newsletter! Four newsletters will be published throughout the year.

Under the section Research you will discover the EFCS scientific collaborative studies already done as well as some projects; you are welcome if you like to participate; in the section e-learnings four registered webinars are available for young and more expert cytopathologists and cytotechnicians as well.

And of course you will find all information about the 2021 Tutorial in Trieste and European Congress in Wroclaw, hopefully both in-person. Please stay safe and active for cytopathology .