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BAC Webinar to be held on 3rd March 2023 with Sheri Scott CSci FIBMS

The BAC are delighted to announce our first webinar of 2023

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Embedding Sustainability in Laboratory Practice


It has become apparent that the climate crisis is reaching critical levels and Governments and key organisations are recognising the need for change. 

A review of current literature reveals very little published research concerning the impact of clinical laboratory practice on the carbon footprint of healthcare. For a clinical laboratory to be-come more environmentally sound, key target areas of focus are required. With sustainability becoming a key consideration for course development, employing educational principles such as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the form of Sustainability in quality improvement (SusQI), Quality Improvement objectives can be met while benefitting the patient and the environmental impact of organisation.

Meet our speaker

Sheri Scott CSci FIBMS

A senior lecturer and practice-based academic at Nottingham Trent University, Sheri is program lead for the L6 Healthcare Science Apprenticeship course. 

She uses her 21 years of clinical biochemistry experience to further the education of students and laboratory professionals. As a HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist she is an ambassador for CPD and sustainability. 

Sheri is a core member of the EFLM Green and sustainable laboratory Taskforce and founder of the Centre for sustainable Healthcare network: Clinical Labs Susnet.

Sheri Scott