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On behalf of the European Federation of Cytology Societies (EFSC), the Scientific Committee and a dedicated team of cytopathologists is presenting the current survey dealing with the evaluation of interventional cytology in the different European countries. The topic highlighted our attention because interventional cytopathology is a unique area of pathology, where cytopathologists play a primary role in obtaining fine needle aspiration biopsies and/or making determinations through rapid on-site evaluations to guide sample procurement in real-time. It is well-known that there are discrepancies and differences in both its performance and methods all around the world. Furthermore, different approaches are used for different body sites, showing the lack of a uniform and standard procedure. In this regard, the preparation of a survey has the purpose to provide an overview about the performance of interventional cytology in the different European countries under the umbrella of the EFCS. The survey includes a brief initial and general part followed by questions on the use of interventional cytology in Europe. The results will be discussed and presented during the European Congress of Cytology in Leipzig in June 2024 followed by a publication in the format of an original manuscript.

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