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ACCEA round 2021

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The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) has announced that there will be a round of national awards in 2021

The round opened on Monday 7 December 2020.

Details of this can be found here where there is updated guidance and application forms. Any applications MUST comply with the ACCEA guidance.

The BAC is able to support only a very limited number of applications from BAC medical members. If you wish to seek BAC support for your application you must provide:

  1. a copy of your ACCEA application form
  2. a covering letter outlining why the BAC should support your application and your contribution to cytopathology as relevant to your application

Both must be sent by email to Dr Paul Cross by Friday 26th February to allow the BAC to assess your application for support.

The ACCEA deadline for applications is 18th March at 5pm. Good luck with your application!