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IAC Tutorial 18th and 19th July


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The tutorial faculty will discuss salient morphology, pitfalls, and incorporation of ancillary studies and lay out an algorithmic approach to diagnosis with the judicious use of immunohistochemical panels and biomarker testing for prognostication and management.

Covering cervical and diagnostic cytopathology and histological correlates, this tutorial will be relevant for Pathologists and biomedical scientists of all career levels

Monday 18th July Programme

Welcome and introductions 08.50-9.00

09.00-09.40Gynecologic Cytomorphology and Histologic Correlates - Case based discussionChristine Booth M.D, USA
09.40-10.20Case Presentations 1 & 2 A brace of of Glandular Diagnostic Dilemma’sTBC
10.20-10.40Case Presentation 3Dr Salma Al-Ramadhani, UK
10.40-11.00Case Presentation 4Mr Peter Heptinstall, UK
11.20-12.00Basic Concepts in Non-Gynecologic Cytomorphology and Histologic CorrelatesDr Liron Pantanowitz, USA
12.05-12.35ROSE: Diagnostic Clues and PitfallsDonna Russell M.Ed, CT(ASCP)HT, USA
12.40-13.00Growing ROSE´sMrs Leonie Wheeldon, UK Ritu Nayar USA
14.25-15.00Urine Cytology and Histologic Correlates (include discussion about instrumented samples)Eva Wojcik, M.D, USA
15.05-15.40Serous Fluid Cytology and histology (discussion on mesothelioma)Dr Ashish Chandra, UK
Vijayalakshmi Ananthanarayanan
16.05-16.40Pancreas FNA and Biopsy – Cystic LesionsDr Miguel Perez-Machado, UK
16.45-17.20Pancreas FNA and Biopsy – Solid LesionMomin Siddiqui, M.D, USA
17.25-18.20Q&A SessionDr Ashish Chandra, UK
18.20Closing Remarks

Tuesday 19th July Programme

08.30-09.20Thyroid FNA - focus on ancillary techniques and patient managementZubair Baloch M.D, USA
09.20-10.10Head and Neck FNABill Faquin, MD, PhD, USA
10.10-11.00Diagnostic Overlaps and Pitfalls in Limited Cellularity Pulmonary SpecimensFernando Schmitt, MD, PhD, FIAC, Portugal
11.20-12.10Biomarker Testing in Limited Cellularity Pulmonary SpecimensAjit Paintal M.D, USA
12.10-12.30"Core Biopsies and ROSE: A novice´s experience"Dr Tony Maddox, UK
12.30-12.50Case presentation: HPV testing in head and neck cancerIvana Kholová MD, PhD, Finland
12.50-13.30Q&A sessionZubair Baloch MD, PhD, USA
13.30-14.20Lunch break
14.20-15.00Diagnostic Overlaps and Pitfalls in Limited Cellularity Specimens of Soft Tissue LesionsPaul Wakely M.D, USA
15.00-15.40Lymph Node (FNA, core biopsy, ancillary studies and flowcytometry)Sara Monaco M.D, USA
16.00-16.45The Current State of TelepathologyDr Liron Pantanowitz, USA
16.45-17.05EUS FNADr Tajana Stoos-Veic, Zagreb
17.05-17.45Q&A SessionZubair Baloch MD, PhD, USA
17.45-18.00Closing remarks