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12th annual EFCS Tutorial


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We are committed to resume the classic EFCS Tutorials as soon as possible. In the meantime, however, we wish to offer to all the people who have shown such a high interest for cytology an interactive event, which will be held digitally June 10th-11th 2021

All the main microscopy sessions foreseen in the original program will be included. Participants will have the opportunity to study in advance a selection of virtual slides. During the live session, the Tutor will provide a short lecture and discuss the most exemplary slides.

This is a great opportunity for cytologists to participate, in spite of the pandemic, to an event with high practical value.

EFCS Tutorial Chair: Giovanni Negri
EFCS Tutorial Co-Chair: Arrigo Capitanio
The registration fee is 100 €. It includes online access to the virtual slides, attendance to the virtual sessions and documentation.