BAC Code of Practice

Recommended Code of Practice for Laboratories Participating in the UK Cervical Screening Programmes 2015

The BAC has published its 2015 edition of the recommended code of practice for cytology laboratories participating in the UK cervical screening programme.

Like its predecessor, the BSCC code of practice 2010, this updated code brings together existing national guidance and recommendations for best practice into a single document, puts generic guidance into the context of the cervical cytology laboratory and provides professional recommendations on cervical cytology working practices. Much of the guidance in the 2010 code is still relevant and has been retained; nevertheless there have been changes in cytology practice in the last few years and most sections have been updated with some, particularly information technology, HPV testing, multidisciplinary team working, education and training re-written to reflect these changes.



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The aim of Cytopathology is to publish articles relating to those aspects of cytology which will increase our knowledge and understanding of the aetiology, diagnosis and management of human disease. It contains original articles and critical reviews on all aspects of clinical cytology in its broadest sense: including gynaecological and non-gynaecological cytology, fine needle aspiration and screening strategy. The Journal welcomes papers on ultrastructural, histochemical and immunocytochemical studies of the cell as well as articles on quantitative cytology and DNA hybridization as applied to cytological material.

Editorial policy reflects the interest of cytopathologists and cytotechnologists alike as well as the interests of clinicians using the cytology service. It also reflects the interest of biological scientists whose work involves research at the cellular level.

Each issue has some Editor's choice articles, which are free to download! Use the link below to view the current choices.

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BSCC Code of Practice 2010 0.5Mb PDF file, 19/02/2010

RCPath Tissue Pathway Exfoliative Cytology and FNA Cytology 0.17Mb PDF file, 30/04/2014

BSCC CoP exfoliative Cytology 2009 0.09Mb PDF file, 30/04/2014

BSCC FNA Code of Practice 2009 0.12Mb PDF file, 30/04/2014

No further review NHS Good Guidance Guide No 64 NHS CSP Programme Implementation of ‘No Further Review’ (NFR) using the BD FocalPointTM Slide ProfilerNHSCSP., 0.16Mb PDF file, 17/06/2012

Achieving a 14 day turnaround This document aims to give practical, evidence based advice on achieving the 14-day TAT, 0.07Mb PDF file, 26/05/2010

NHSCSP proposals for cervical screening intervals BSCC comments and recommendations, 0.11Mb PDF file

NICE Health Technology Appraisal Submission from BSCC, 0.11Mb PDF file

New Screening Intervals Presentation, 0.02Mb PDF file

Disclosure Of Audit Results In Cancer Screening Advice On Best Practice, 0.22Mb PDF file

BSCC response to NHSCSP document on audit invasive cancer of cervix Letter, 0.1Mb PDF file

Comments on the Carter Report with respect to Cellular Pathology and Cytopathology in particular Letter, 0.11Mb PDF file

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